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Specific travel passes

Reduced-fare travel pass Cap'Sol

  • Cap'Sol Reduced Fare Travel Pass

    The CAP'SOL card allows the permanent residents of 19 towns in the region, who are in a situation of need, as well their dependants (children in their care younger than 12 years old), to benefit from free travel on all the CAP'BUS public transport routes for one year (beginning of March to the end of February).

    This travel pass mainly concerns 80% handicapped persons, persons benefiting from welfare allowances (A.S.S), persons benefiting from welfare allowances (R.S.A) with no professional activity, persons older than 60 years of age who are retired and tax-exempt, and war veterans.

    The request form for the CAP'SOL card can be obtained:

    - From the HERAULT MEDITERRANNEE metropolitan area transportation and travel department - The file can be sent via the postal system.

    - From the town councils of the 19 towns included in the metropolitan area or their Social Action Community Centres (C.C.A.S), where present.

    In the event of a favourable outcome, the travel pass must be collected directly, on the compulsory presentation of an ID document as well as an ID photo, (recent, with a clearly visible face) from the CAP'BUS local office, for a fixed payment of €5 required per person and per issued travel pass (first time issue) or €3.5 for the renewal of an existing travel pass (old card required).




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