Bienvenue - Cap'bus - Agde


On holiday in Cap, à Agde, à Vias à Pézenas... in the « Hérault Méditerranée » area
To move, you can rely on Cap'Bus.

5 reasons to choose Cap'bus:

• adapted to the needs of holidaymakers, campers, tourists.
• easy to use with Google maps lines calculator
• easy to use with the SMART TICKET on your smartphone
• low prices...

ASSET 1 : a network designed for people on vacation take you to Vias and Agde station. From there, jump on the bus simply.

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Every Saturday in summer, hostess in information stand will inform and help you.
Traffic jams are numerous. To enjoy your holidays, leave your car in the car park and rely on Cap’bus.
Cap'bus brings you everywhere:
• Beach, city, or hinterland
• Cap’d’Agde, Agde, Vias, Pézenas ...
• Camps, hotels, residences
• Naturist Village 
• Port, swimming pool, museums, cellars ...
Need help finding out which route to take: Enter your departure and arrival locations in our trip calculator.
Calculator 1 and calculator 2


Line 3 offers a bus every 30 minutes during the day. It runs until 0:00.
All schedules here.

Asset  2

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travel calculator will help you
To help you to choose the right line, use our travel calculator or use Google Maps


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1 trip: 1 €. You can buy it on the bus
10 trips: 8 €. Need to be loaded on a Cap'bus card at the store or at the retailer’s. This 10 trips card allows to travel with a group (example 3 people = 3 trips counted when traveling)
1 day pass: 3 €. To buy at the shop and at a retailer’s
Our shop Cap'bus is 100m from the train station
Vignette train station / agency


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The SMART TICKET, both practical and smart
No money, no time to go to the Cap'bus’ store. No problem : use your smartphone, with the SMART TICKET.
• download the Seamless App available on Apple Store and Android market
• create an account by filling in your bank card (secure application)
• tap you smartphone on the orange box when entering the bus

>>The bank payment takes place at the end of the month. The amount is calculated according to the number of trips you made :
1 trip = 1 euro
2 trips = 2 euros
3 trips = 3 euros
4 trips = 4 euros…

BUT 4 trips and more during 1 day = 3 euros max = price of the Day Pass


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No stress with Real-time transit times with Bus LIVE
In the summer, traffic jams blocked sometimes also buses, use our localization service in real time. It automatically calculates the Real-time passage to the stops according to the traffic.